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Dublin's Keith Cullen is all about the positive message with his 'Honest Pop' music.  Magician has supported with international outreach to music press, as well as advisement on launch strategy and appearances in Los Angeles.

Magician is currently working with lovely newcomer KATE GROM on social media marketing, Facebook ad campaigns, merchandising ideas, and strategy for her 2017 debut and holiday charity single. 


Magician has worked as part of BhaktiFest and ShaktiFest's PR team for several years, creating press releases, doing media outreach, and being on hand for the festivals. 


Tokyo's crazy-tight OTONANA TRIO tour the U.S. several times a year, and Magician steps in on tour support, social media marketing and other artist development ideation. 


Bonnie has had a long association with the delicious Flackers. As their West Coast Marketing representative, she handles retail promotion, works annually at Expo West Natural Food Show and other trade events, as well as social media and email marketing,

MICHAEL McGLONE's 'Kenny The Gun'

Magician Media supported celebrated actor Michael McGlone with social media and event promotion, resulting in coverage in LA Weekly and a sold out show.  


Magician worked with Yogi Cameron on targeting markets and venue for special event programs, press referrals and program development strategy. 


Bonnie handled the launch of acclaimed yogi Tommy Rosen's premiere book 'Recovery 2.0', working on social media, event management, and content creation. 


Magician Media supports the publicity team in media outreach and event coverage for the one-of-a-kind Contact In The Desert at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. UFOs were sighted...


Magician Media supported SMPL and the Marijuana Policy Project in an email and social media campaign resulting in the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Louisiana. The nonprofit organization is committed to progressive drug law reform and unlocking the economic potential of cannabis products in Louisiana by advocacy, education and encouraging the responsible production & use of cannabis products in the emerging national cannabis economy. 

Jacob Davich

Eschewing the pop-punk fascination of his generation, singer/songwriter Jacob Davich, set out to create his own music that could sit comfortably alongside the work of his classic rock inspirations. This would mean literate and introspective lyrics, rich and soulfully expressive singing, and quiet fire guitar playing.


222 delivers their own power packed take on dance rock via a mixture of pop punk 80s/ 90s influenced rock mixed with current techno influences. Respected music blogs and have both highlighted the unique sound and songwriting talents of 222 and their debut CD Libretto.

Vicky Hamilton

Appetite for Dysfunction: A Cautionary Tale is an uncensored, tell-all book written by Grammy Award-winning rock manager Vicky Hamilton. The tale is an all-access pass into the early days of Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Mötley Crüe and the debaucherous ‘80s Sunset Strip.


The jumping-out-of-your-skin, soulful electro, mind-bending, punk-house pop bliss of Ediblehead is the culmination of a transformative journey for two musicians, Robby Rockit, a critically acclaimed professional, and, Eva Zeva, a prodigiously talented newbie. The winding path to forming the duo Ediblehead helped both musicians connect to the wellspring of their creativity. Together, they welcome this unbridled era of pure and playful expression with their infectiously catchy debut album, Animal Lick Stick.

Metal Mayhem

Vince Neil | Bret Michaels| Slaughter | Warrant | Joel Hoekstra | Lynch Mob | LA Guns | Firehouse|Faster Pussycat 

Beato Band

Beato Band is the debut album collaboration between David Pack (formerly of Ambrosia) & Fred Beato (CEO Beato Bags Inc.)

Dave Stringer

Dave Stringer is a Grammy™-nominated record producer, singer and composer who has been profiled in publications worldwide as one of the most innovative artists of the new Kirtan movement. Stringer’s sound invokes the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American gospel and the ringing harmonies of Appalachia.

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